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Real Life Example

Look at this scenario, and put yourself in the position of the
Judgment Recovery Specialist (JRS):  (this happened to me)

Landlord rents an apartment to a tenant.  The tenant damages the property.
The tenant moves out before the lease is over and also without repairing the damage.   The damage and broken lease exceeds the damage deposit.

The landlord takes the tenant to small claims court and wins.   The tenant does not pay and the courts do not ever make the tenant pay.  The landlord does not know how to make the tenant pay.

This is where you come in.   You know how to locate where the tenant works and garnish his wages, locate where he banks and seize the money, put a lien on his home, and take his car to be auctioned.  If the tenant owns a business, you know how to have the sheriff sit there and collect money from the customers at the cash register, make his clients pay you directly instead of him‸and much, much more.

The landlord can assign you his/her judgment.  You then go and collect the money (sometimes including interest too).   You keep the percentage agreed with the landlord.    $5,000 judgment plus interest from Jan 2005 drives up the money owed a year later to $5,154.93 
Judgment Interest Calculator
If you are splitting it 50/50, then you keep $2,577.46 which is great for just a full couple days of work.   If the tenant can not pay all of the $5,154.93 at one time they can pay in installments.  THIS IS GREAT for recurring income without having to do anything else except deposit those monthly checks for your 50%.

I'm sure this Step-By-Step Course will get you quickly on the way to becoming a Professional Judgment Recovery Specialist and making some great money.
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As seen on Amazon.com Kindle
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Free Upgrades: of main .pdf document for life..

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