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Complete system
Complete system contains:
ALL the forms, notes, documentation, software
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Volume VI
Judgement Interest Calculator

CD/USB: 259 page main system & ALL the forms, notes, documentation
3-ring notebook: 259 page main system printed & choice of CD or USB

Amazon Reviews: verified purchases  (book & system updated 07/16/2019)

(Paperback book versions below do not contain the complete system (complete system contains ALL the forms, notes, documentation, software in addition to the main training course)
Amazon - $29.99
Barnes and Noble - $29.99
Staples - $29.99
Book Depository - $33.99 free delivery worldwide

Kindle - $9.99
Paperback - $29.95
Mail Order - 10% off
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PS: if you purchase the paperback version and then get the complete system, I will refund $20

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1)  Print:  Choice of either:
      3-ring notebook (or) Paperback book
2)  CD:  Main system includes EVERYTHING
      ALL forms, documents, software and notes
3)  Download: includes everything on the CD,
      but you get it as a download

PS:  The paperback version is 8"x10" in size.  The 3-ring notebook, CD and download are 8.5"x11" in size.   Both sizes contain the EXACT same information.  The paperback version is just slightly smaller in size to make it easier to hold while reading.  Since it is smaller in size, it holds less words per page and that means it has to have more pages to still contain the EXACT same information word-for-word.

**The Download is not an "instant" download.  This is because people (hackers) were digging through the website code in order to get the download for free, but I will send you the link as soon as I notice the order was placed, which can be within a few minutes or hours or the next business day at the latest.  Please send me an email after your order asking for it then I can reply to your email and you should get it quicker.  CHECK your bulk or spam folder for my email.   Download is nearly 2 megs.   You can also call me to let me know you placed an order.

3-Ring Notebook Table of Contents

 Table of Contents

Paperback Table of Contents

  Table of Contents

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